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The Importance of Practicing a Work, Hobby and Exercise Balance

In the modern American culture, extreme productivity has become the indicator of status and success. It often feels like the more hours you can devote to your job, the more accomplished you seem and the more accolades you earn. But while it’s essential to invest both time and energy into a career, it’s also important to make sure this pursuit is balanced with other aspects of your life too.

Work, Hobby and Exercise BalanceAccording to a report from The Harvard Business Review, 94% of surveyed professionals in the United States work over 50 hours per week, and almost half of that percentage work over 65 hours per week. In a social climate obsessed with busyness, the pressure to grind, achieve and scale the corporate ladder has forced many workers to sacrifice their own health on the altar of job performance.

But research has also shown that people who maintain a balance of career, hobbies and exercise are more adjusted physically and mentally than people who dedicate all their efforts to working. In fact, the Psychosomatic Medicine journal found that individuals who make time for leisure activities tend to exhibit decreased blood pressure, healthier weight and a lower risk of depression, among other benefits.

The body needs movement after being sedentary in an office chair for extended periods of time, and the brain needs to unwind after staring at computer screens, listening to presentations and meeting various deadlines from nine-to-five. So integrate more balance and wellness—not to mention, sanity—into your routine with these unique ideas for recreation, exercise and self-care outside the office.


Most industries require you to spend long hours connected to the internet and mobile devices, so once you are off-the-clock, it’s restorative to unplug from technology and be immersed in nature. Gardening fills you with the sense of being rooted in the earth which nourishes contentment and peace of mind. The Journal of Health Psychology even concluded that gardening has a more sustainable effect on reduced stress hormones and increased mood state than some other more ubiquitous hobbies such as reading.

Online Poker

This game isn’t just about cashing in your chips for a quick payout at the casino—poker is a discipline of creative strategy and mental acuity to help the brain re-energize from the wearniness of projects, meetings and other business demands. The thrill of competition, focus on decision-making and ability to remain calm amidst tension make this game a practice in mindfulness of sorts. From Texas Hold’Em to Omaha to Crazy Pineapple, there are many poker variations, and this guide explains the basics of each.

Martial Arts

When you think of exercises that promote mind-body awareness and connection, yoga is the obvious example, but another Eastern regimen is just as effective for physical strength and mental repose. Considered a form of Attention State Training (AST), a martial arts practice reinforces the link between body movement and brain function which can stabilize emotions and boost self-esteem. Also, as with yoga, some martial arts emphasize the benefits of meditation and breathing which improve stress management.

No matter how many work assignments are on your calendar, even the most hectic schedules have margin for balance. The mind and body need to recharge through exercise, hobbies and creative expression. This important—but too often neglected—foundation of health leads to greater satisfaction in your career, relationships and life overall.

The Truth That Obesity is Sure Fire for All

The urban living has given many problems to our era. Of this obesity, is the most outstanding, to cause many diseases as its offsprings. Hereunder we explain how to save oneself from obesity. If the body is healthy, the happiness in life is different and special. But if any disease starts to bother, life becomes a living hell. In the present day of urban living, many diseases bother even the youth. Of these diseases, most are due to obesity. That means obesity has many offsprings and it is wise and necessary to prevent their onset.

How does one become the victim of obesity? 

From the scientific viewpoint obesity sets in when loads too many calories in the food eaten that do not get consumed in the same ratio of intake.  The imbalance of calories, that is generated more than the consumption takes the shape of fat getting stored in the body, and gradually makes one obese.

Where does the fault lie?

Fat cells exist naturally in the body. These cells are necessary for the growth of the body and maintaining the energy level. These cells are highly active from the age of 12 to 18 months in a baby. During this period the weight of the child enhances rapidly. From the age of 12 to 16 years, they get reactivated and add weight to the body.  During pregnancy period these very cells increase the weight of the body. Overall progress of the body and consumption of the energy are significant. Usually,  the metabolism rate slows down after the age of 40 years. The body becomes lazier and when there is no reduction in the intake of calories because the food habits do not change as required. As a result, slowly the body becomes obese.

How to know that you are obese?

As per the table of height and weight have given below one can ascertain if one is obese or normal. It is known that with a height of 5 feet, the ideal weight should be 58 KG.  More than that, above 69 KG the weight is excessive and falls into the category of being obese, and you are the victim and obese. In case if you are a male and have 40-inches waist, then rest assure you are running into the danger zone of your health. In the case of women, if the waist size is over 35 inches, you are running into a health hazard too.

The table below shows the obesity

Height       Standard Weight       Maximum weight         Obesity

5.0 feet      up to  58 KG               up to 69 KG                More than maximum

5.3 feet      up to  64 KG               up to 76 KG                More than maximum

5.6 feet      up to  70 KG               up to 85 KG                More than maximum

5.9 feet      up to 70 KG                up to 92 KG                More than maximum

6.0 feet      up to 83 KG                 up to100KG               More than maximum

6.3 feet      up to 90 KG                 up to 100KG              More than maximum

How to save yourself from being obese.

Change your diet plan, stop taking junk food,  sweets, oil and deep fried food or snacks, carbohydrates like rice, Rajma beans, potatoes, Banana, eggs, mutton, and arabi, drink plenty of water. Include in your meals as given here: That is, consume green vegetables, beans, lentils, small fish. Have grilled food from oven, and instead of juices consume fresh fruits.

Physical Exercise or work is Essential:

Do not use the lift but the stairs to your workplace or at home, unless you have a knee problem, like arthritis. Walk down to the suburban station or the bus from your landing or the parking place. Walk or ride using a bicycle when out for shopping. Encourage children to use cycle, play badminton, be active for practice of skating,

What is the treatment:

The obese condition may require an operation. It is better if you soon take care of your being obese. Drink hot water 3 to 4 litres daily.